Monday, May 17, 2010

June Challenge!

Ok boys, I hold the floor for this next project. I have chosen to do a master copy. One of my favorite painters Anthony Van Dyck has painted in my opinion one of the best portraits ever. The Cornelis van derGeest is stunning for it's paint quality, simplicity and life likeness. In this project I demand that it must be painted with a limited palette consisting of lead white, yellow ocher, raw umber, ivory black and burnt sienna. The burnt sienna has to be a real natural iron oxide pigment, not a synthetic iron oxide. Brands like Williamsburg, Old Holland and M. Graham are all fine. I myself prefer Williamsburg. In this painting not only the drawing and color matching are important but the heavy impastos also. I'd like to see the same paint quality. The size will be 11 X 14 inches. In fine, lets have at least 5 process photos. Thank you guys. I look forward to seeing how this all works out. ~ Brian David MacNeil.
Finish is due June 16th

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